Saheli Bishnu

This is about routine of waste deduction, reccycle, reuse.

fig1: Wateing Plants

efficiency = output/input

We are consistently training ourselves to be efficiency. Efficiency in our work that we perform for paying our bills.

However can we match our life roles and roles and responsibilities about how careful we are for protecting and preserving plants surrounding us. How much we are careful to locate which plants would require water and sunlight or manure or in which conditions we have more butterflies or how can we save water to water plants and to feed the birds and stay dogs.



From the day I have left office that was few metrers away from my home.

We all have varied interpretation of life and that interpreutation evolves over time.

If you would define yourself being busy and exhausted after you end the day and sleep, there is something that keeps you wondering in your weekends.

This is your performamce while fulfilling your roles and responsibilities.

That always seemed that you only have this quantity of time for looking at the birds or how leaves blew in the breeze.

Now, that is wonderful to gaze at the crescent moon and stars in the sky and how the color ok sky change to different hues, how the flock of birds flew and which time the perched on the terrace of neighbour’s house.